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10 DIY Bird Houses That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds

A wood box and the vehicle registration plate transforms into a natural shelter for the birds.

The empty paint cans hung from the tree ensures a safety corner for the birds to hide.

This beautiful house is perched on the top of a wicker basket the branches having the bird houses are making it enjoy an elevated living.

This wooden bird house has more space for many to accommodate, looks opulent.

With ferns and leaves covering, this bird house in wood commands beauty.

The containers hung from the branches feature flaps that other insects will not dare to enter.

The round container as bird house looks very real as it has leaves and flowers drawn on it.

The broken coffee pot or the flower pot ensure easy entry and exit for birds.

The small wood logs bird houses are very much their own house.

Your shoe, different size of pebbles put on the tree trunks makes it very original.

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