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10 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects

An antique in its own right. This outdoor bench should be a benchmark for other benches of its kind.

The finishing of this particular outdoor bench gives it an earthy look. A classic bench is all I can call it.

The design layout for this type of outdoor bench shows that it would come out good when finished.

Can’t blame this lovely dog for lounging so casually on this well-crafted outdoor bench. I would do same too.

Imagine sitting on this gleaming and glossy outdoor bench on a breezy evening. With the invigorating and soothing scents of the surrounding flowers, wafting across your nostrils.

Seems to me like a crude yet vintage outdoor bench. Rustic in outlook, urbane in poise.

This outdoor bench would do just fine for an afternoon nap, in summer.

Wow! Holy Phantasmagoria! This should be the outdoor bench of every ones dreams.

This is one heck of an outdoor bench crafted by a cheeky showoff! What a finish!

This is yet another outdoor bench that would stand the test of time, given its design layout. It would be a great bench with an obviously tastefully done finishing.

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